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Ronika M. 

"Belsiah Naturals has done wonders for my body-from my scalp to my toes. I have been using the African Black Soap, Hair Growth Oil, and Rose Hip Oil. The texture of my skin is more smooth and I no longer have an itchy scalp. These products are now my holy grail!

Patrina Harris

"Let me take a moment and brag on the best products I've ever used for my skin and hair made by BelsiahNaturals where GOD is the Owner. Alicia Jenkins is the supplier of the Rose Hip Oil and it is so great to use for baths and anointing oil for those in ministry because it is packed with BLESSINGS and Love. Now the Bella Butter is soft smooth and creamy. I use it in my hair for softness and shine, as well as after my bath. I have also used the Rose Hip Skin Oil in my bath. These products are amazing and leave your body and hair refreshed. So what are you waiting for?  Get you some... you won't regret it."

Devon S.

"Hey Alicia...As a grown man I’m ashamed to say I haven’t always taken great care of my skin. That was until I discovered Belsiah Naturals. I am in love with your products. My favorite is the Bella Butter. It’s creamy smooth texture feels awesome. I love the way it rehydrates and revitalizes my skin....leaving it feeling so soft and smooth. I definitely spend more time moisturizing and caring for my skin thanks to your wonderful products."

Tiffany J.

"Sooooo this morning, I did a thing. I ONLY used your products, all of them. I’m going to be honest…I LOVE IT!!!! Especially the African Black Soap and the Rose Hip Body Oil. They're AMAZING!!! My quarantine feet feel like new feet. My face feels moisturized and my body is glowing. Yass!! I need to order more soap and body oil! I never want to be without!"

Kindra R.

"My favorite Products are the Rose Hip Body Oil and the Siah BrownSuga’ Scrub. I use the oil on my body from head to toe daily. It’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever tried in life! While on quarantine lockdown my skin was ashy as all get out. When I started using the body oil as a moisturizer every day, that situation was instantly remedied! I could go on and on but you won’t find better products on the market. And knowing that they’re all natural and made with love is even better!"

Shaunda H.

"My top two favorite Belsiah Naturals products by far are the Bella Body Butter and the Brown Sugar Scrub! The body butter is so light and airy yet smooth and creamy. It melts into your skin smoothly! Use the brown sugar scrub during your shower or bath and you can almost forget about having to moisturize afterwards! Highly recommend!"

Hissy G.

"Thank you for the Rose Hip Skin oil and the Siah Brown Sugar Scrub and the African Black Soap. My skin has improved so much! I love feeling moisturized throughout the day!"

Christina S.

"I ran out of the Belsiah Hair Growth Oil and decided to take a chance and use the Rose Hip Skin Oil on my hair instead. LISTEN!!! The Rose Hip Skin oil responded so well to my hair! The moisture is impeccable!!!"

Rachelle J.

"I have had amazing results on my kids. My youngest has a skin condition that caused her skin to become hard and painful. Bella Butter has softened the hard skin and has eased her pain immensely. We’ve been to 4 dermatologist, 2 surgeons, and her pediatrician. We travel from Seneca to Charleston to get the best treatment available for our daughter at MUSC. She is having it layered off but in the mean time no other lotion, cream, or oil has worked like Bella Butter. I use it on all 3 of my kids hair and they love it!! This mom couldn’t be more pleased!! Thank you Belsiah Naturals!!"