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Here at Belsiah Naturals, our mission is to provide the best all natural skincare products that you can feel confident in using from head-to-toe. Belsiah Naturals’ driven purpose is to create authentic and handmade skin care products, free of additives and toxins, which make them safe and highly nurturing. Our vision is to consistently be a reliable skincare company that develops high-quality and beneficial products for permanently healthy skin. We take pride in creating natural products that you can trust.


Our Founder and Owner 

Alicia Hawthorne-Founder and Owner

Welcome to a Dream that Turned into Reality.

"For over 10 years, I have been creating natural products for my family. My hobby of creating natural concoctions became a passion that I wanted to share with everyone. I started out with shea butter blends which turned into creating more hair and skin goodness!"

What is this puzzle piece doing on my packaging?” I’m glad you asked. The puzzle piece on your packaging means that the product stickers were prepared with assistance by my daughter who is on the spectrum. Belsiah Naturals was designed with family in mind. We strive to bring awareness and inclusion to individuals on the Autism spectrum. So if you see a puzzle piece on your package—you’ve been “puzzled!”. So smile when your label is a little crooked. Smile when your tape is out of place. Know that it was packaged with love and the heart of family."

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